WordPress login URL, remove wp-admin

WordPresslogin00-150x150Considering the amount of times a person who works with WordPress accesses the Dashboard,

it’s probably that you’ve ever wondered about an effective way of shortening the login address.

Well, now that’s not only possible but easy to do thanks to our friend Kevin Shard,

who brought us the following trick that will make your WordPress login look like ‘http://yourweb.com/login’.

All you have to do is include a rule within your .htaccess file that as you know, is located inside the root directory of your WordPress installation.

Here’s an example for the case when you only put the login, but you can use whatever word you prefer.

The code you need to insert in your .htaccess file is the following:

1 RewriteRule ^login$ http://website.com/wp-login.php [NC,L]

Remember to always backup your site when you modify highly important files such as .htaccess.Original link: Better WordPress login



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