WHMCS Template – How to add more slides to the slideshow

In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to add more slides to the homepage slideshow on your WHMCS skin. All templates come with the 2 slides loaded on the homepage in PSD format (located in the template download). Assuming you have Photoshop this will allow you to easily create your own slides. If you don’t have Photoshop but would like a custom banner we offer a premium banner design service. Once you’ve created a new slide name it banner3.png (I recommend saving in .png format) and upload to the following location: /public_html/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/images/ Next you’ll need to enable a 3rd slide (5 currently supported), follow the following guide for your template version: V3.4 + You can adjust the number of slides using the Zomex Template Manager (settings area) V3.3 or lower /public_html/configuration_template.php Change the following line: “feature_slideshow_slides” => ’2?, to: “feature_slideshow_slides” => ‘3‘, Next you’ll need to open the language files you’re using and apply your filename, caption & link for this new banner. For example if your template uses English you’ll need to open: /public_html/modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/english.php (V3.4 +) /public_html/lang/english.php (V3.3 or lower) and edit the options highlighted below: $_LANG[‘banner3_filename’] = “banner3.png“; $_LANG[‘banner3_caption’] = “Caption for banner 3“; $_LANG[‘banner3_link’] = “web-hosting.php“; Make sure the banner3.png reference is changed to match the name of the new banner (if you named it banner3.png you can leave it).



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