WHMCS SMS Notify – Upgrading Steps

This article describes how to upgrade easily your WHMCS SMS NOTIFY addon to 2.x series.

Upgrading from 1.4.x to 3.x version
Because of many changes in database structure you MUST UNINSTALL the old version first.

1) Go to modules/admin and completely delete the “sms_notify” folder.
2) Extract and upload all files of new version (+language changes,+ template upload). Your FTP should ask for file overwriting select allow. (because of includes/hooks/sms_notify.php)
3) Go to WHMCS>Addon Modules>SMS Notify>Tools & Wizards and click at Re-install (DROP(delete) & re-CREATE the SMS Notify tables!)
4) You are done. Fill the license-key and go to settings and setup the SMS addon!

Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x+ version
SMS Notify 3.1+ or later changes the addon from legacy to Native mode. This mean that sms_notify from now on it will work under modules/addons/sms_notify/
Upload all files like normal upgrade. Visit the WHMCS>Addon Modules>SMS Notify you will see an upgrading message & a note message to delete the old directory modules/admin/sms_notify/.
Before delete remember to move any modified or custom gateway!

Upgrading from 3.x to 3.x+ version

Simply overwrite all files. Visit the WHMCS>Addon Modules>SMS Notify you will see an upgrading message.

Blank Page? – Don’t panic!

When a blank page is showing then a fatal php error has been occurred. That’s why we suggest to delete the “sms_notify” folder and upload the new version because of none-used files from previous versions
To able to display the error go to WHMCS Setup> General Settings>[Tab] Other > Check the Tick to enable PHP Error Reporting (Do not leave enabled in live use)
An other way to do that (WHMCS 4.5.x) is to add at configuration file this: $display_errors=true;



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