Securing WHM (How to)

Securing WHM – A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Server Part 1 (Security Inside WHM/CPanel)

These are items inside of WHM/Cpanel that should be changed to secure your server.

Goto Server Setup =>> Tweak Settings

Check the following items…

Under Domains

Prevent users from parking/adding on common internet domains. (ie,

Under Mail

Attempt to prevent pop3 connection floods

Default catch-all/default address behavior for new accounts – blackhole

Under System

Use jailshell as the default shell for all new accounts and modified accounts

Goto Server Setup =>> [/B]Tweak Security[/B]

Enable php open_basedir Protection

Enable mod_userdir Protection

Disabled Compilers for unprivileged users.

Goto Server Setup =>> Manage Wheel Group Users

Remove all users except for root and your main account from the wheel group.

Goto Server Setup =>> Shell Fork Bomb Protection

Enable Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Protection

When setting up Feature Limits for resellers in Resellers =>> Reseller Center, under Privileges always disable Allow Creation of Packages with Shell Access and enable Never allow creation of accounts with shell access; under Root Access disable All Features.

Goto Service Configuration =>> FTP Configuration

Disable Anonymous FTP

Goto Account Functions =>> Manage Shell Access

Disable Shell Access for all users (except yourself)

Goto Mysql =>> MySQL Root Password

Change root password for MySQL

Goto Security and run Quick Security Scan and Scan for Trojan Horses often. The following and similar items are not Trojans:




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